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Mining We focus on value addition.

We occupy a place of pride in production and marketing of nonmetallic minerals. We are a multi mineral and multi-location enterprise engaged in mining gold, iron ore, copper, SMS grade Limestone and Gypsum.

We are not only the leader in Mining & Selling of the above resources but also global pioneer in technology of open cast mining. We have integrated and diversified operations in mining & metals. We continue to place utmost importance on safety, responsibility, sustainability and on continuing a growing relationship with the community we operate in.

Our exploration portfolio from the continent that we operate in, follows a history of consistent geological discovery. With a business model of growth, constant value creation and improved operations, the company's vision is focussed towards building the wealth of our shareholders and sustainably engaging the community we operate in.

Accountability being a core characteristic of Vedanta's work philosophy, our long term business approach adopts best practices towards fulfilling vital customer needs in a safe and responsible manner.

Our people are dedicated towards continuously reviewing strategic plans to keep in line with the variables of opportunity, innovation and focus. Vedanta's success as a diversified resources major is due to a constant awareness of the impact we make on the lives of those working with us. Be they our people and their families or our business partners, we give back to the community that constantly nurtures us through economic and other developments in our host countries.

We work towards minimizing the effect of our operations on the environment and to maximise the benefits for the local communities, while respecting their laws and customs. To ensure a long-term future of the Group, we have adopted systematic exploration and resource development practices as we constantly strive to add to our Reserves and Resources.